Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trunk Show Fun

We are so excited to announce, finally that our website, is not finally able to host virtual trunk shows.
After putting in many many hours fixing it up, it is now a reality!  ;)
We've been busy in the studio sewing up new, never before seen designs from Kalli+Alba girls line while tech team has been going non stop getting everything ready.
Its very exciting.  Now we need to know, who all is interested in hosting an online virtual trunk show?   These designs will only be shown at the virtual and in home trunk show, and you'll have to have a private password so you and your guests can shop.  These will not be seen any other place except during this trunk show (except of course when your little princesses are wearing Kalli+Alba.
The littlest boss (Alba) and the little bit bigger boss (Kalli) are super excited to start wearing the latest trunk show fashions that they helped design. However, they've decided to wait to show their fashions until AFTER a few trunk shows have been held.  We currently have several people gearing up for trunk shows, and some have already scheduled.
Will you be next?  Want some clothes at half off/of even free?

Hurry on over to Kalli+Alba and fill out the form today and We'll contact you with all the information!
You can find the form under "Host a Trunk Show".


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