Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prom IS right around the corner.

Prom is Right around the corner! I wanted to take a quick moment to show you a few pictures of some totally unique prom ideas. I would love to have a group of girl friends, get together and order some beautiful tulle skirts in whatever color(s) of their choices, and then grab some amazing tops to go with it and get a group picture done! I think it would look amazing, while keeping YOU completely unique. Imagine, you pick your color or colors, no matter what! Something that describes YOU.. Each of your girl friends does the same! Your styles will all be somewhat similar, yet totally different! You can visit my shop at Kalli Alba Bridal Couture

Photographer is: Green Tree Photography (Huntsville, AL) Designer: Stephanie of Kalli Alba Bridal Couture ( Photobucket

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm back!

I'm back!
I had taken a nice long break from designing and making any type of clothing for the past year.  I needed this break.  I homeschool my children, and I needed to just take some time to focus on them!
It's been a YEAR!  Crazy!   So Here I am, and I have surely missed sewing and letting myself be creative.  I've found that it is my creative outlet.   Its what keeps me sane, even on the days where I swear its making me go insane.....
But I'm back!    At first, I'll be taking limited orders on my bridal wear, and limited orders on the Kalli+Alba girls line (mostly twirly skirts, etc).  I know my girls are super excited to be getting more of those..  See, when I took a break I REALLY took a break.  I packed up my sewing machine and only just YESTERDAY unpacked it, dusted it off (not really, it didnt have any dust on it).  I wanted to sew so badly, that I got an old bedskirt and ripped it apart and began sewing some cute skirts for my girls.. I realized that I really really missed being creative with my sewing.

So yes, I'm back!  let's the orders come!
You can find my designs (a few of them) at my Shop on Etsy.
So please go by and take a look.  I'll have more items there soon!  Im hoping to possibly get some shoots together with some of my fave photographers and makeup artists!

I hope every reading this, had a Blessed Christmas and a Fantastic start to their new year!

Take time this year to do what is important to you and your family.


Friday, August 29, 2014

I had taken a little break...

So Here's the think.. I had taken a little break from designing wedding wear!  But I've been super busy and while designing Flower girl gowns and simple Bridal wear will remain one of my top passions, I've recently been doing an entirely different thing, yet amazingly goes great with Bridal as well.
A friend had introduced me to some mascara that has been simply amazing. Laugh if you will, but for this gal, who hasn't been able to wear mascara, like EVER, because of my super sensitive eyes, this stuff has been amazing.  I have super short eye lashes anyway, but this stuff makes them very long and I LOVE IT.. Another great things is the company that makes it, also uses very safe ingredients that make it even safe for the youngest of wearers, which was pretty amazing to me, because well, I have young girls who dance and well, at recital they have to wear makeup...It makes me feel better to know that I'm keeping safe things on their skin!
Currently, I've been using these products this November, but I took the plunge and decided to become a Presenter for them in February. I figured, WHY THE HECK NOT?   So now I'm actually doing quite well with it! My face has cleared up and I LOVE the way the products feel on my skin and how my skin feels as well. Its amazing!  I'll post some pictures below, but I also wanted to share with you something a recent customer of mine found for me on Pinterest.  While doing a search for some my gowns, she found some amazing pictures of some gowns that I had made and send me the links and I'm going to show you them here!> :) 

But first, I want you all to check out my newest venture and then come back here in the future for any new news or latest gown pictures!! K. Here is my link. Did you know you can set up an 100% online party.  We are in USA, CANDADA, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA. We just launched in New Zealand so if you would like more info on becoming a presenter, please def check out my site.. If you are the U.K. we are launching there on October 1! I'm super excited about this, because I have a LOT of UK fans. In fact, out of ALL the orders that I have ever received, the majority have come from Australia, NZ, and the UK! :) Its quite amazing actually for this small town USA gal! Check out my page here; Be BEyoutiful

As Promised, Here are some of my amazing Pictures!

 Me!   :)
My Fabulous Eyes!!! :)  I LOVE THIS MAKEUP!!!!

My Lips using our Fabulous Pigments on them (Can be used wet/dry and pretty much anywhere)

All Younique Cosmetics and Wearing the August BOX from

LOVE my Fave Shirt now!!! I will wear this at my Events!
and here are some amazing pictures from my past customer of some gorgeous flower girl gowns:

Copied from Pinterest :)




Friday, January 3, 2014

Its been awhile..but here goes nothing... :)

You know how being a parent, there are some days you want to drag yourself into a corner and just cry.....mainly because you wonder if you are doing a good job.. or if your kids are actually HEARING any thing you say....
I have those days a lot... However, then something comes along and BAM!  You just become so darn proud of one, or two or all of your kiddos' it totally makes all the bad days TOTALLY worth it! :)
On Christmas day, My two oldest kids (ages 9 and 10) decided to start their own organization to help other children. Specifically, the children of St. Judes.  This was all their doing (not ours).  So they two of them brainstorming and came up with an Organization called, "Tiles of Love". Their goal is to create and sell unique Tile Art to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. A portion of proceeds will go directly to the Hospital along with being able to create Tile Art for the Children at the Hospital.They have a passion for being able to help those in need and their mission is to help those in need by spreading joy and laughter through our unique creations of Tile Art.

I love this. I love that something we have done, somewhere along the way, its actually TOUCHING a nerve in their brains, and in their hearts and souls and they are wanting to reach out and help others!

You can find our more on their Mission by visiting:   and they even have a campaign going on right now to raise money for their Supplies at  

I love this. I love that something we have done, somewhere along the way, its actually TOUCHING a nerve in their brains, and in their hearts and souls and they are wanting to reach out and help others!
You can find our more on their Mission by visiting:   and they even have a campaign going on right now to raise money for their Supplies at


Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm copying this straight from my other Blog...I thought you all would like to see it as well>

This is not the best pic of this dress...and hardly any details can be seen..but this is made with a little heavier material than I would make for a flower girl dress.......
but you can change it up and make it a cute suumer or spring dress too.
This particular dress has wide lace that criss crosses in the back..  


It sort of reminds me of a flapper dress, without all the additional ruffles layers!


Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!

What a great start to Friday.  The older two kids school was delayed a couple of hours because of ice on the roads, which means we all were able to sleep a couple extra hours.
The littlest boss, slept good as well and is still currently asleep.  Hopefully this means, that they will all have a good day today.

Tonight I will be able to get some pictures of the newest dress that I have made that, made with a different type of material, would make the SWEETEST flower girl dress.  I can not wait.

Until then, pleases go and visit our new website at Kalli+Alba.  We are now able to do Trunk Shows virtual.  If you are interested in receiving half price or free items, just hold a trunk show.  You will get a special link and password for your guest and they can visit the trunk show link and buy.

This is a very exciting time.

Also, please go and check out Fine Mess Designs for all your logo/graphic design needs.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trunk Show Fun

We are so excited to announce, finally that our website, is not finally able to host virtual trunk shows.
After putting in many many hours fixing it up, it is now a reality!  ;)
We've been busy in the studio sewing up new, never before seen designs from Kalli+Alba girls line while tech team has been going non stop getting everything ready.
Its very exciting.  Now we need to know, who all is interested in hosting an online virtual trunk show?   These designs will only be shown at the virtual and in home trunk show, and you'll have to have a private password so you and your guests can shop.  These will not be seen any other place except during this trunk show (except of course when your little princesses are wearing Kalli+Alba.
The littlest boss (Alba) and the little bit bigger boss (Kalli) are super excited to start wearing the latest trunk show fashions that they helped design. However, they've decided to wait to show their fashions until AFTER a few trunk shows have been held.  We currently have several people gearing up for trunk shows, and some have already scheduled.
Will you be next?  Want some clothes at half off/of even free?

Hurry on over to Kalli+Alba and fill out the form today and We'll contact you with all the information!
You can find the form under "Host a Trunk Show".