Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm back!

I'm back!
I had taken a nice long break from designing and making any type of clothing for the past year.  I needed this break.  I homeschool my children, and I needed to just take some time to focus on them!
It's been a YEAR!  Crazy!   So Here I am, and I have surely missed sewing and letting myself be creative.  I've found that it is my creative outlet.   Its what keeps me sane, even on the days where I swear its making me go insane.....
But I'm back!    At first, I'll be taking limited orders on my bridal wear, and limited orders on the Kalli+Alba girls line (mostly twirly skirts, etc).  I know my girls are super excited to be getting more of those..  See, when I took a break I REALLY took a break.  I packed up my sewing machine and only just YESTERDAY unpacked it, dusted it off (not really, it didnt have any dust on it).  I wanted to sew so badly, that I got an old bedskirt and ripped it apart and began sewing some cute skirts for my girls.. I realized that I really really missed being creative with my sewing.

So yes, I'm back!  let's the orders come!
You can find my designs (a few of them) at my Shop on Etsy.
So please go by and take a look.  I'll have more items there soon!  Im hoping to possibly get some shoots together with some of my fave photographers and makeup artists!

I hope every reading this, had a Blessed Christmas and a Fantastic start to their new year!

Take time this year to do what is important to you and your family.