Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm copying this straight from my other Blog...I thought you all would like to see it as well>

This is not the best pic of this dress...and hardly any details can be seen..but this is made with a little heavier material than I would make for a flower girl dress.......
but you can change it up and make it a cute suumer or spring dress too.
This particular dress has wide lace that criss crosses in the back..  


It sort of reminds me of a flapper dress, without all the additional ruffles layers!


Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!

What a great start to Friday.  The older two kids school was delayed a couple of hours because of ice on the roads, which means we all were able to sleep a couple extra hours.
The littlest boss, slept good as well and is still currently asleep.  Hopefully this means, that they will all have a good day today.

Tonight I will be able to get some pictures of the newest dress that I have made that, made with a different type of material, would make the SWEETEST flower girl dress.  I can not wait.

Until then, pleases go and visit our new website at Kalli+Alba.  We are now able to do Trunk Shows virtual.  If you are interested in receiving half price or free items, just hold a trunk show.  You will get a special link and password for your guest and they can visit the trunk show link and buy.

This is a very exciting time.

Also, please go and check out Fine Mess Designs for all your logo/graphic design needs.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trunk Show Fun

We are so excited to announce, finally that our website, is not finally able to host virtual trunk shows.
After putting in many many hours fixing it up, it is now a reality!  ;)
We've been busy in the studio sewing up new, never before seen designs from Kalli+Alba girls line while tech team has been going non stop getting everything ready.
Its very exciting.  Now we need to know, who all is interested in hosting an online virtual trunk show?   These designs will only be shown at the virtual and in home trunk show, and you'll have to have a private password so you and your guests can shop.  These will not be seen any other place except during this trunk show (except of course when your little princesses are wearing Kalli+Alba.
The littlest boss (Alba) and the little bit bigger boss (Kalli) are super excited to start wearing the latest trunk show fashions that they helped design. However, they've decided to wait to show their fashions until AFTER a few trunk shows have been held.  We currently have several people gearing up for trunk shows, and some have already scheduled.
Will you be next?  Want some clothes at half off/of even free?

Hurry on over to Kalli+Alba and fill out the form today and We'll contact you with all the information!
You can find the form under "Host a Trunk Show".


Monday, January 21, 2013

New Website!

We have had a facelift! Our new site is up and running and is AWESOME! I can not tell you how many hours we have put into this site but finally, its working and it looks really great!!!

Please click HERE to see it!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yesterday, my new fabric arrived.  It was like Christmas morning. I was able to to wash, dry and iron it all and get started on some beautiful new designs/samples for our upcoming trunk shows.
Why would I do a trunk show for my girls line?--many people have asked?

Well, you can buy straight out from me, or have  few samples of some of the designs setup somewhere, invite some friends over who also want to order, and you could get clothes for your girls for half price or even free, depending on the size of your show.  Wouldn't that be awesome!  All the details are listed over at our official website at   I think this is going to be very exciting as Trunk Show are already filling the calender.
Not only that, wedding season is here and our KAB (Kalli Alba Bridal) has been filling the calender with orders of bridal, vow renewal and flower girl gowns (fun!!!) I love weddings!

Anyway, I hope you've all been well and have a great weekend!  I might try to get into the Studio today and get some more work done...or..since the sun is actually OUT, I might try to open all the blinds, let the sunshien and and play some games with the kiddo's.


Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Friday!!!!!!

It's Friday!
What do you all have planned?  I have a whole bunch of fabric that is set to arrive today and I can not wait to get it in and start creating a few more things!  We are almost ready to launch our first Trunk Show. (So exciting).

Isn't this the cutest dress?
Is has a heart shaped bodice and is shirred in the back to make a better fit.
Ruffled Skirting can be made in any color (and any color can be on top).
I personally think this would have been adorable in a black/white damask top with the pink Ruffled bottom.
This will also look super adorable in all white for |Easter of for a Flower Girl dress.

Here is the back! It's so cute!!!

This is NOT the Flower girl dress that I have been working on, I just have not had time to finish it and get some great pictures! I hope to do that very soon!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Rainy Wednesday

It's again, a rainy day here in this part of the world.  Hope there is some sunshine somewhere.
I've been super busy trying to find some AWESOME new fabrics, that I "havent" seen everywhere, so I can really get the girls line up and moving.   Hopefully in the next month of so, we will be able to start the o so fun, Trunk Shows.
I've got a gazillion ideas and If I could actually follow a pattern my line would be greatly expanded...So, keep in mind that WHATEVER YOU SEE in my shop, on the Kalli Alba Bridal Couture page, and on the Kalli+Alba page are MY designs. and My designs only. While I gain inspiration from everywhere (the beach is my favorite),.  Most of my designs are simply made by draping. A different art form. While many designers follow or create their own patterns, I do not (*at least not yet*).
Its very exciting.

I'll leave you with some images..... Until then, please keep checking out our other blogs and pages at:   and
Boudoir tutu    Bridal Boudoir   Costume Tutu Lingerie tutu
Don't you just LOVE this Marilyn Monroe Inspired shoot?  This was done by the FABULOUS and AMAZING boudoir photography in Colorado Springs,  The Secret Pin-up!  The Boudoir tutu was made by us here at Kalli Alba Bridal.

Want' to add a pop of Color on the sad rainy and cold day.   Here is it. Bright Pinks ,Purples,& Turquoises.
Our girls like +Kalli Alba (Kalli +Alba) many bright and cheerful modest and fun clothing for your little one.
We also have BEAUTIFUL infinity Scarves that Mom and Daughter (or Grandma, or aunt, best friend, or whomever) to wear. We can coordinate with ANY outfit, or choose one of your own.

This is just one of many. However, if you LOVE this fabric, it can be found in many many many colors!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Idea's

I'm still working on finishing up the new design and I'll get picture.. Promise!
I have a lot of new and fresh ideas swimming around my head right now,  so I can not wait to try to put them into action..
Tuesdays are always busy around my home and studio so less sewing gets done than on normal days,
Either way, I'm super excited.. I just need a moment to sit down and think.
I recently spoke with a bride who has the most amazing theme for her wedding. Of course, we are incorporating my vintage inspired gowns into her theme, which will go perfectly.

Her wedding looks like it is set back in time. It's BEAUTIFUL.

I've been wanting to try a new version of a marilyn monroe style dress.  Seems simple enough, its a HUGE twirl skirt attached to a fancy halter top.. I need to find a way to make it a tad more modest, since I don't want the huge open back...I would love to add some lace to it as well.. Hmmm..the ideas..the ideas..

What does a designer do when ideas start flowing?  I write about them of course, so I can come back here and find them again incase something happens and I can't get to them immediately.

What kind of ideas would you like to see from the Kalli + Alba girls clothing line?  What about the Bridal Couture line?

Infinity Dresses?  Any like them?  I LOVE THEM and I can not wait to try them out as well!! Fun! Fun! Fun!

This is a beautiful Collage of Kalli+Alba with our Bridal Line

I love love love this Emma Style gown with Chocolate and Leopard print Ribbon

Dolly and Me dress. We can coordinate dresses for a 18" doll and your little princess.
This is the"Ariana" style dress with pearl shoulder straps.


Monday, January 14, 2013

New Dress Design

I've been speaking with a few brides who would like to go on the more, non tulle flower girl gown route, so I have designed a new gown which I will post pictures of soon.

This is a simple gown with beautiful lace around the top and bottom and for the shoulder straps. Its not like anything I've ever done before and I'm very happy with it.

I'm currently making one as a "sample" gown, that my daughter will likely where to the father/daughter dance at her school.  I'm very excited to surprise her with it.


Until I can get picture of that gown, Enjoy a few of  these.

Beautiful Sunset on our last trip to the beach.
Beautiful Emma style Bridal gown (Short knee length)
and this picture right here, of Alba..Is what started my entire bridal line!  :)

Until next time..
Happy Monday


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Sunday Morning..

Here at Kalli Alba Bridal and Kalli+Alba girls lines, its a cloudy day, but its unseasonably warm outside.
It's the perfect day for your little girl wear one of our apron skirts or ruffled skirts.
Remember, these can be made in any type of fabric combination so it can suit your childs style.
This is one of our newer outfits. A ruffled skirt (comes in just about any color you can think of) with a coordinating shirt! If you'd like to order one, please head over to
The complete outfit is $50   The skirt can be made in ANY size from infant to adult sizes.

This apron skirt is usually made with three different fabrics.  However, the littlest boss "Alba" decided on all Elmo.  It has an attached mini apron lined with lace. Usually the skirt portion, the apron and the waist band area are all different fabrics, but this can be made any way you would like. Long or short.

These are Kalli+Alba's super cool double layer twirly skirts.
Made with two coordinating fabrics, its a skirt inside of a skirt, Super modest. Super fun, and Super cute!
Thats what Kalli +Alba and Kalli Alba Bridal Couture are:
Modern. Modest. Unique

Our Bridal Couture is hitting it off already attending to our Spring and Summer Brides! (Oh, and their bridesmaids and Flower Girls)  Remember, We can also do packages which would include the Brides dress, Bridesmaids, and Flower Girl.

I would love to have the opportunity to make a beautiful White or Ivory or Blush pink wedding gown that is very similar to this:
These can be made with a long train or a small train or no train at all. These are high-low dresses. Meaning they open in the front, usually right at the knee or right above(your choice) and then are floor length and longer in the back. These can be made with or without straps. One shoulder straps too. (ANY COLOR) but I think it would look breathtaking in an ivory, white, or classic vintage pink (thats basically a white with a hint of pink)
Don't forget your amazing Bridesmaids that can coordinate! :) They can have any color dress and even a beautiful sash that ties around the waist. These can be strapless, one shoulder or two shoulder straps.
Then of course, NEVER forget the flower girl...

We can even make the top out of the same fabric as the Brides or Bridesmaid dresses (but it would not be a corset top)
Pictures are the "Emma" (halter top vintage lace) and the "Kalli" (Corset top)
and the tulle, of course can be made with any fabric as well.

I also wanted to share a a few more  GORGEOUS images:

Matching "Ariana" dress for 18" doll. (Yes! We can do that)

Beautiful High-Low dress

This is the stunning "Baylee Whimsical Princess gown" It comes with a detachable 36" train!

A beautiful strapless little black dress

The inside of our FABULOUS brochure, made by Michelle over at Fine Mess Designs.
She has INCREDIBLE prices and is VERY FAST! Go and check her out! She is the ONLY one I will use for Logo's Business cards, and Brochures from now. She's very fast, accurate, great prices, and her communication is EXCELLENT! (Oh she can also do invitations, ebook covers, graphics of any kind-


Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Hope you've been well!

It seems that this site, according to my sites stats gets more traffic than I thought! So to all of my readers, I AM SO SORRY that I have no been updating this site.
I no longer go under the name of Steph's-Designs, Our name has been officially changed to Kalli Alba Bridal Couture, and our newest line for girls Kalli+Alba.

I am loving everything new that has been coming our way, and I am going to show you some new pictures from the past year!!!

In the post below, you can see a picture from this past summer of our Vow Renewal.
We still love to make all the vintage inspired gowns as well!

Vintage Lace Beach Bride gown with Cathedral Lace Train

 The "Alba" Flower Girl Gowns
 The "Emma" Short Empire Waist Gown"
 A beautiful Tulle Bridal Skirt
The Sunset Bride Gown

Another view of the Sunset Bride Gown

Sunset Bride Gown

 Sunset Bride Gown
 This is one of my fave shots of the sunset bride gown

SPring photo shoot of our girls clothing line : Kalli+Alba

Kalli+Alba pajama

Vintage inspired beautiful flower girls gowns "Kalli" Style

The ribbon corset back of the Kalli gown, the smallest girl is wearing the "Emma" gown.

These two beautiful girls are wearing the Amalie (youngest girl, empire waist gown) the oldest girl is wearing the"Ariana"  This has several different colors of layered tulle.

This gown is a white gown with Crimson Ribbon and Corset/Lace. This is the "Kalli" Style gown in different colors.