Friday, August 29, 2014

I had taken a little break...

So Here's the think.. I had taken a little break from designing wedding wear!  But I've been super busy and while designing Flower girl gowns and simple Bridal wear will remain one of my top passions, I've recently been doing an entirely different thing, yet amazingly goes great with Bridal as well.
A friend had introduced me to some mascara that has been simply amazing. Laugh if you will, but for this gal, who hasn't been able to wear mascara, like EVER, because of my super sensitive eyes, this stuff has been amazing.  I have super short eye lashes anyway, but this stuff makes them very long and I LOVE IT.. Another great things is the company that makes it, also uses very safe ingredients that make it even safe for the youngest of wearers, which was pretty amazing to me, because well, I have young girls who dance and well, at recital they have to wear makeup...It makes me feel better to know that I'm keeping safe things on their skin!
Currently, I've been using these products this November, but I took the plunge and decided to become a Presenter for them in February. I figured, WHY THE HECK NOT?   So now I'm actually doing quite well with it! My face has cleared up and I LOVE the way the products feel on my skin and how my skin feels as well. Its amazing!  I'll post some pictures below, but I also wanted to share with you something a recent customer of mine found for me on Pinterest.  While doing a search for some my gowns, she found some amazing pictures of some gowns that I had made and send me the links and I'm going to show you them here!> :) 

But first, I want you all to check out my newest venture and then come back here in the future for any new news or latest gown pictures!! K. Here is my link. Did you know you can set up an 100% online party.  We are in USA, CANDADA, NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA. We just launched in New Zealand so if you would like more info on becoming a presenter, please def check out my site.. If you are the U.K. we are launching there on October 1! I'm super excited about this, because I have a LOT of UK fans. In fact, out of ALL the orders that I have ever received, the majority have come from Australia, NZ, and the UK! :) Its quite amazing actually for this small town USA gal! Check out my page here; Be BEyoutiful

As Promised, Here are some of my amazing Pictures!

 Me!   :)
My Fabulous Eyes!!! :)  I LOVE THIS MAKEUP!!!!

My Lips using our Fabulous Pigments on them (Can be used wet/dry and pretty much anywhere)

All Younique Cosmetics and Wearing the August BOX from

LOVE my Fave Shirt now!!! I will wear this at my Events!
and here are some amazing pictures from my past customer of some gorgeous flower girl gowns:

Copied from Pinterest :)




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